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Why Ottawa Business’ Pick Duco for Video Production

By Zach Hazledine on Sep 30, 2021 1:53:38 PM

94% of consumers profess to watching explainer videos to learn more about a product (link) with 84% saying it influenced their purchasing decision positively. More than 50% of consumers actually expressed a desire for more content from brands they like, with video being the most popular form of content. To put it plainly, video production is the most engaging, entertaining, informative, and reusable form of content your business can create. Perhaps you’ve already thought about investing in a great homepage video, social ad, product demo, etc. Most business owners don’t need convincing to see the benefit in video content, but most are rightfully weary of finding the right team for the job. It’s difficult to know just how much manpower and budget are appropriate for SME video projects. Fortunately for you, Duco Media has become a mainstay for Ottawa Business’ with video production needs. Here’s why:

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