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Duco's data science experts and advertising creatives are united by a shared understanding that today's fragmented digital-first audiences can only be defined, aggregated and reached effectively through the innovative deployment of advanced data tools. We are allied to address the challenge of connecting with 'always on' digital citizens in ways that target and amplify investments in conventional media.




We want to close the marketing gap between dominant giants and everyone else.  We’ll do it by combining leading-edge data science with astute management, thoughtful well-informed strategy and indelible, mind-share grabbing creative messaging.  We’re a forward-looking company, now building new capacity to bring our skills to the urgent task of building a sustainable future.




Experiential Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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    Boost your entire digital existence with a dedicated, experienced team focused on digital marketing, social media management, and affinity branding. Whether you'd like to take advertising to the next level or improve your presence on the web, our team has a solution for you.

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    Videos are a great way for you to connect with new audiences and engage existing ones. Incorporating detailed reporting on viewing metrics will ensure your content reaches the right people at the right time with maximal result.

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Customer & Employee Experience Management_v2

Business Solutions

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    Understanding the market you're operating in is crucial to developing effective strategies. Knowing the front and back end experience of your customers and employees helps in developing business plans and buyer journeys with analytical and research-based reporting.

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Duco Analytics

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    Ditch the spreadsheets and start focusing your efforts on ads that work. Duco Analytics is an out-of-the-box dashboard complete with clearly visualized data metrics and customizable integrations with every platform you operate on. Our machine learning software helps predict your sales, conversions, engagement, and more. Sign for a free trial to discover how you can save and make more money with your advertising.

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"With the Duco Consulting family, you can experience the professionalism, transparent management mentality, and sincere guidance of an experienced group of consultants. Whether you’re trying to develop your business or start from the ground up, Duco Consulting is the right choice."
Quup Logo
Efe Buyukyildirim
Operations Manager, Quup Heating Canada

Quup Heating

Adaptability. As vital in nature as it is in business, it's the one attribute your company must have to survive and grow in today's economy.

Quup initially sought out our help as they planned to expand operations into Canada. Using that one vital attribute, we went beyond our comfort zone to deliver extensive information and eventually secure their certification in Canada. 

Beyond our research, we've assisted in web design and copy, e-commerce implementation, SEO, and more. In 2020, we proudly look forward to bringing their product to the market in time for another Canadian winter.

Sample webpage from our client Quup Heating
"The Bottom line is this: Duco is a dynamic, relentlessly productive team. Their honesty and reliable problem solving sets them apart from their peers."
Henry Assad
Owner and CEO, Happy Goat Coffee Co.

Happy Goat Coffee Co.

Happy Goat Coffee Co. presented us with a unique challenge: Help spread our product and brand beyond Ottawa. Most businesses that reach a certain level of growth come to this roadblock and few have the resources to get past it. 

Through various channels, we support their expansion into the e-commerce market and help grow brand affinity with video production and detailed market analysis.

Never one to pass up on a challenge (or free coffee), we look forward to assisting with and initiating their continued growth.

Behind the scenes with Happy Goat Coffee Co.


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