Why Duco?

Our Story


Great stories have humble beginnings, and if there's one word to describe ours, it's humble. 


In 2011, Duco was created by our current CEO, Emrah Eren, as a partnership to build leadership development tools ("duco" itself means to lead in Latin). The Idea was to apply what he had learned in studying leadership research and theory at the Department of National Defence, to help young professionals develop into strong leaders. Due to time commitments, the partnership was dismantled, and progress halted in 2012.


But like a phoenix from the ashes, an opportunity arrived in 2016. There was a growing demand for companies that could provide customer and employee experience consulting. Luckily, Emrah and his cousin Oz specialized in just that. Launching a sole proprietorship using a variation of Duco's previous branding, Emrah's new iteration of the company took off. Through sheer grit and obsession, they worked evenings and weekends while balancing full-time work. After enough sweat, coffee, and late nights, Duco reemerged as one of the leading Ottawa-based consultants in our field.


The success felt good, but satisfaction is the enemy of progress. Companies would pose questions about digital advertising, social media, and SEO capabilities. They didn't just want to retain customers; they wanted to create new ones. Seeing the similarities between the two goals, Duco morphed into offering total business solutions. Hiring Zach, our resident digital marketer, and Anik, an ever-so-talented graphic designer, gave us the ability to run Duco full time and expand our capabilities.


Across all of our iterations, successes, and failures, one thing has remained: obsession - an obsession with our clients, results, and the work we put out. We combine a scientific, analytical approach with a passionate work ethic to routinely surpass industry averages. What we do today might evolve tomorrow, as we're always exploring new avenues and trends (like the artificial intelligence we are currently building), but the future looks bright. In 2020, as Duco Consulting Ltd. is re-branded and registered as a corporation in Canada, we promise to continue being obsessive about our clients and provide forward-thinking solutions to contemporary problems. 




Duco Consulting is a fast-growing ‘new rules’ management and marketing firm specializing in digital marketing and business development solutions. Our executive team of management and marketing experts heads a roster of outstanding creative marketers and data scientists dedicated to shaping client success with strategy, positioning, and data-driven targeting, through innovative, creative differentiating story telling.

Our data science experts and advertising creatives are united by a shared understanding that today’s fragmented digital-first audiences can only be defined, aggregated and reached effectively through the innovative deployment of advanced data tools. We are allied to address the challenge of connecting with ‘always on’ digital citizens in ways that target and amplify investments in conventional media.

DUCO’s core digital marketing expertise enables the firm to attain maximum impact with hyper-digital Gen Z, Millennials, and other specific audiences. Our company has developed proprietary software tools and AI techniques to gain the real-time ability to define markets and target prospects at peak receptivity. Our ‘social media first’ process provides a means to test and refine strategic campaign roadmaps, ultimately maximizing the value of traditional media ad spend by refining strategy and ‘pre-trialing’ messaging – real world and real time - in a measurable context at a very low cost.

Client engagement is key to the DUCO approach. We empower client teams with easy-to-use dashboard portals. Using our tools, clients can track and analyze campaign progress, and visualize and report on the impact of formal and informal marketing initiatives and monitor the reputational impact of campaigns. Our tools invite and welcome client engagement and insight throughout the campaign cycle.

Created in 2016, DUCO is a young company headed by seasoned business performers. Duco’s executive draws on extensive consulting experience, meeting the challenges of larger institutions and keeping projects and teams on time and on target with agile management and project management skills.


Digital Marketing

Employ experiential strategies that maximize the impact of both your organic and paid content.

Content Creation

Benefit from Duco's graphic design, video production, and copywriting capabilities to create fresh and engaging content for you business

E-Commerce Strategies

Adopt SEO, content management, and web design best practices to fortify your online presence.

Business Development

Create your own business plan/proposal! Capitalize on our extensive experience in market research and document preparation.

Analytical Reporting

Gain confidence in your advertising dollars through detailed, metric based reporting and AI technology.

Experience Management

Grow your reputation online and in the office by studying the experience your business provides.


Couldn't do it without them


Emrah Eren

Founder & CEO

Oz Eren

Co-founder & Consultant

Zach Hazledine

Creative director & digital marketer

Logan Litman

Senior Graphic Artist & Web Developer

Colin Kemp

Scientific Advisor

Bingkai Liu

Data Scientist & Python Developer