Marketing Kits


In the age of subscriptions, non-recurring services are sparse. Sometimes all your business needs is a quick tune-up from a team of marketing experts to revise strategies, upgrade your brand, and get back to running at full potential. Our philosophy on Affinity Branding grants us the ability and insight to build long-term success strategies with short-term projects. By offering one-time marketing kits, we can help you get past the roadblocks and give your business the direction it needs.

Marketing Momentum Kit


one time cost

How well do you really know your brand? Get an experienced, objective evaluation of your digital and physical existence from our marketing team, followed by a fresh wave of new content and brand enhancements to build up your business’ momentum.

  • Website Refresh (upgrading website visual, layout, design elements, etc.)
  • 5 social media post templates (connect with your followers)
  • Ad accounts setup or optimization (TikTok, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google)
  • 500 words of engaging copy (for use on website, social media posts, ad campaigns, etc.)
  • Visual brand identity
    (detailing font, color, logo variation, website creation guidelines, etc.)
  • New website visuals for use on the website and all social media accounts
    (5 images)

Awareness Kit


one time cost

Online marketing is saturated with stock imagery, poor quality messaging, and directionless ads. Lucky for you, we offer professional videography, targeted messaging, and purposeful deployment strategies that help your brand go viral!

  • Brand Affinity Strategy
  • Audience research
  • 3-4 minute viral video that tells a brand story (using a combination of professional stock footage and newly captured footage)
  • Campaign launch
    (Facebook ads and Linkedin ads manager)

Capital Kit


one time cost

In 2021, social capital is a highly-valued currency, one that your business can invest in right now. Set the groundwork for a long-term brand development strategy that will accelerate your social growth across all social and web channels.

  • Digital Audit of social channels and web presence
  • 30 unique pieces of creative
    (designed with cross-posting potential across 4 channels + creative adjustments to ensure relevancy)
  • 3-4 minute viral video that tells a brand story (using a combination of professional stock footage and newly captured footage)
  • 4 different templates
    (Effortlessly develop future creative that's consistent with your branding)
  • Social media strategy session 
    (Break down your ideal client profiles, their pain points, and how to better reach them through your social channels)
  • Creative that will focus on building quality content
    Build a lasting relationship with your followers that both boosts your brand awareness and social capital
  • Access to Duco Analytics (TM):  Our very own software platform offering you data visualization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence access.



The Ultimate All-in-One


*payment plans can be customized*

This elaborate 6-month plan combines the contents of our Marketing Momentum Kit, Viral Awareness Kit, Social Capital Kit, and access to Duco Analytics to create & monitor your ultimate digital dream. 

If you're looking to invest in exponential growth strategies backed up by a dedicated team of expert marketers, this retainer-based, money-saving model is the one for you.

  • Month 1 & 2: Marketing Momentum & Duco Analytics onboarding (let Duco improve and revamp your existing online presence so that when our experts market your brand, users are directed to a beautiful, consistent, & reliable brand)
  • Month 3 & 4: Viral Awareness (Taking the existing work we’ve done, this is when we will start garnering more leads and customers by providing meaningful content and assets for your brand)
  • Month 5 & 6: Social Capital (In the final phase of your digital dreams, Duco will provide YOU with the assets you need once you have completed working with us, as well as ensure that your social platforms look neat, dependable, and honest)
  • Month 7+: Although the digital dream is now complete, Duco offers a discounted price for our Analytics platform, so you can stay on top of monitoring all of your digital marketing in one tailored place

*Prices do not include ad spend*

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