“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”

Charles Kettering
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“A problem well stated is a problem half solved."

Charles Kettering



Knowing is Half the Battle
As a business leader, you're often driven by one goal: growth - increased sales, expanded operations, and higher customer satisfaction, to name a few. But as cliche as it sounds, sometimes you need to look backward to go forward.
Analytical reporting, business planning, and experience management are vital to your company's growth process. Not only do they solidify your goals as a company, they also provide a valuable perspective on your progress and brand reputation. 
Business Plans
It's never the wrong time to research your industry, develop key performance indicators, and self-evaluate. Through extensive research into competitors both local and abroad and a deep dive into your organization's inner workings, we can pinpoint best practices and better prepare for long term challenges. 
Proposal Writing
Let's say a hotel chain is considering your product. A successful sale could support your business long-term and create networks that lead to bigger ventures in the future. All of that starts with a strong proposal. Through market research, analytical forecasting, and competitor analysis, we can give you the best chance to close those high-stake deals.
Analytical Reporting
You can't improve what you can't measure, whether it's ad performance or customer satisfaction. We choose metrics that align with your goals, qualitative and quantitative, to create transparent and honest reports that can inform future practices.




The employee experience is based on the perceptions your employees have about your organization. If properly designed, your employees can be your best promoters who will drive strong customer experiences necessary for your organization to thrive.

This customer-centric investment reframes the traditional approach to how your organization relates to its employees by empowering and engaging them to deliver positive experiences to customers.

Duco helps organizations create engaging employee cultures that drive success. We Focus on comprehensive and actionable data, mined to deliver valuable insights and to develop strategies to design positive employee experiences.



“Word of mouth” advertising is the most valuable form of advertising there is, and positive customer experience is the currency of consumer loyalty. Knowing your customers is the building block to designing personalized services that will not only invite their loyalty, but also will entice them to evangelize to others about your organization.

Gaining the depth of knowledge required to deliver these services comes from harnessing insights from customer data from all touchpoints across your organization and analyzing that data to design an optimal customer experience.

Duco is strategically poised to deliver insights, analysis, and tangible business value to organizations who want to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace by strengthening brand preference, boosting revenue from new and existing customers, and improving customer loyalty.

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